“Dad, I promise you’ll be proud”

This Tuesday, Nadir picked up his bag to leave for his bag test. Before leaving, the 19-year-old took time to speak to his dad, as reported by La Voix du Nord. “Dad, I promise you’ll be proud of me. I’m going to get my bachelor’s degree!” These are the last words a father asks his son…

For after a few minutes, in the full examination, Nadir’s feeble heart suddenly stopped. The young man would go out at the end of the day. For the family, the tragedy tarnishes years of struggle. Because Nadir and his mother came to Lille in 2007 to treat him for a serious heart condition for which Algerian doctors gave him only five to live.

Despite suffering a serious crisis in 2012, the young man managed to survive these 5 years thanks to a French cardiologist. That day, he was close to death and had to be implanted with a pacemaker to stabilize his condition. This Tuesday’s new illness will cause death.

“It’s very sad to leave so young. I immediately called his father. He said he couldn’t thank us for fighting to live until the age of 19. I told him to thank God, he is the one who put us on the path to Nadir…”, for Nadir (Les Bots de Nadir). About the origin of the initiated association tells our colleagues Mezauda.

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