D-1 ahead of legislative elections in France: Why recent polls don’t mean “overwhelming” for RN

End of suspense, this Sunday evening. Live, our RTL Info special correspondent Christoph Gilde gives us his analysis of the situation.

According to our France expert Christophe Guildey, this election will be “History”. “This is the first time France has been led by the far right since 1940 and Marshal Petain”, he insists. But still “Nothing is Certain”, from this Friday evening, the conduct of elections has been banned. Finally the National Rally has 36%, Front de Cauche 29% and Presidential Majority 20%.

“But that doesn’t mean much,” underlines Christoph Gilde. “It’s not a proportional election, it’s a majority vote election in two rounds of 577 constituencies, which means a lot of small presidential elections. There, the profile of the candidates, the localities, everything plays a lot into it.”Our journalist assesses.

The participation rate must also be taken into account, as only about 50% of the French population voted in the June 9 European elections that led to the dissolution of the National Assembly by Emmanuel Macron and therefore to trigger these early legislative elections.

“This time, we announce 68% participation”or several. And we don’t know what these new voters will do when they go to the polls. A large number of proxies have been signed: 2.6 million of them.

“For forecasters, it is very complicated to see what the 48 million French voters will do.” Results this Sunday at 8pm.

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