Crimean Bridge Explosion: Ukraine and Russia React

CCTV footage posted online showed a massive explosion on a Moscow-built bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia.

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LAfter a car bomb exploded on a Crimean bridge in Ukraine on Saturday, the peninsula’s strategic and symbolic infrastructure, annexed by Moscow, proliferated jokes and jokes without going so far as to claim responsibility.

CCTV footage posted online showed a massive explosion on a Moscow-built bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia. In these images, evidence of the explosion appears to be a white truck driving over the bridge at night with a few vehicles. Both the highway and the railway line were damaged in the blast.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry compared the attack to April’s sinking of the Moskva in the Black Sea, another “symbol of Russian power in Ukrainian Crimea”. “What else awaits you, Russkopf?” “, he scathingly wrote on Twitter. Kyiv Security Services (SBU) for their part hijacked Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko’s verses “The Sun Rises on a Burning Bridge” posted on Telegram. “Today is a perfect opportunity to review some of Taras Shevchenko’s poems,” the SBU quipped.

Ukrainian Post has announced that it is preparing to print stamps bearing the image of the “Crimean Bridge, or more precisely, what remains of it.” His boss Igor Smelyansky posted the design of the new stamps on Facebook, which depicts the explosion on the Crimean bridge and another ironic scene from the movie Titanic.

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However, no Ukrainian official claimed direct responsibility for the attack on the bridge, which was close to the heart of the project as Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 70th birthday on Friday.

“The Kyiv regime’s reaction to the damage to civilian infrastructure highlights its terrorist nature,” Russian embassy spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies. On Saturday, Ukrainian officials responded with mockery and contradictory comments about the explosion without taking responsibility.

Ukraine had already multiplied jokes and controversial comments during last summer’s explosions that damaged Russian bases in Crimea. She did not admit to being responsible for these outbursts until months later.

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