Coronavirus: “A new wave is coming and it won’t be the Chinese”, according to virologist Steven Van Gucht

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DThe monarch ended its draconian so-called “zero Covid” policy without notice on December 7, years after the first cases of the coronavirus appeared in Wuhan (centre).

Since restrictions were lifted, Chinese hospitals have been overwhelmed by a surge of patients, many of whom are elderly and vulnerable because they have not been vaccinated. As a precaution, the United States and several countries, including Italy and Japan, have announced that travelers from China will require negative tests.

For the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), it is “unfair” to introduce mandatory screening for Covid-19 within the EU for travelers from China. So the European response was long overdue.

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in the columns of Sudinfo This Friday, the Belgian virologist Steven van Gucht assured the public: “China is definitely subject to discussions.”, he says. “But honestly: I don’t see any serious threat. We shouldn’t be blinded by China. ยป

Half of positive passengers

According to Sudinfo, a tourist flight from China was tested in Italy on Wednesday, and half of the passengers were carriers of the virus. Faced with a decision to warn Europeans, the virologist calls to put things into perspective: “Stop here with buses with tourists returning from ski resorts, and you’ll find that half of them are infected”, reacts Steven van Gucht. “Check everyone at the party table on New Year’s and half the parties will have covid. The virus is spreading here too. “.

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The virologist also predicted an increase in infections after the birth of the new year. “A new wave of Covid is coming and it won’t come from the Chinese,” he warns. For Steven Van Gucht, several hundred Chinese tourists will not make a difference in terms of the spread of the epidemic, as he predicts a resurgence of epidemics after the holidays, facilitated by the spread of the flu virus.

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