Christmas Trailer Trailer for A Christmas Story: Ralph’s Return

Legendary and Warner Bros. Unzip the cover of the first trailer teaser Christmas story ChristmasThe Decades later sequel In the holiday classic 1983 Christmas story. Peter Billingsley—who played a beleaguered nine-year-old whose desire was Santa to give him a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200 shot range-style air rifle—returns as Ralphie Parker, the narrator of the original film (voiced about him) by author Jan Shepherd). The first shots, which you can see below, evoke the trip back to Cleveland Street when Christmas story sequel Streaming on November 17 on HBO Max.

It takes place in the seventies. Christmas story Christmas The adult Ralphie follows as he “comes home on Cleveland Street to give his kids a Christmas as magical as the one he grew up on,” according to the official recording. “With the same tone of interest in the real life of the former, Ralphie reconnects with childhood friends, reconciling the death of his old man and sowing the seeds of the beloved holiday classic’s origins.”

Warner Bros. revealed. Also about a file Christmas story Christmas Trailer will be released “soon”.

The 40-year follow-up also features the return of the original Christmas story Cast members Ian Petrella as Ralphie’s younger brother, Randy; R.D. Robb as Schwartz’s bold trio; Scott Schwartz as Flick Tongue Frosty; Zack Ward as Scott Farcus, the yellow-eyed bully. Clay Kates (Christmas records(Directed from Nick Schenk’s text)Gran Torino, the mule).

Newcomer to the cast: Erin Hayes (Kevin can wait, Bill and Ted face the music) as Ralph’s wife, Sandy Parker; Drush River (miracle workersand Juliana LaneSaturday Night Live) as their children; and Julie Hagerty (airplane! instant family) as Ralph’s mother, Mrs. Parker, replacing retired Melinda Dillon. The late Darren McGavin portrayed the grumpy, lamp-loving old man in the original 1983 movie Ralphie.

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theatrical sequel It’s a regular thing in the family (later renamed my summer story), now followed the classic Christmas story In 1994, Warner Home produced another direct-to-video sequel titled Christmas story 2which was played directly on DVD in 2012.

Billingsley and frequent collaborator Vince Vaughn, star and producer of the comedy Billingsley directed return spouses, by the Wild West Picture Show banner; Cal Potter (Dune(and Jay Aschenfelter)Godzilla vs. KongThey oversee the Legendary.

Christmas story Christmas It airs November 17 on HBO Max.

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