Catherine spends all her savings for a year to buy her son a present for Christmas, but realizes the disappointment too late.

During this festive season, we all want to give gifts to our loved ones. But we need to be more careful than ever, because scams abound, and malicious people take advantage of the crisis to trap the least careful.

A 53-year-old Scottish woman, Catherine McGill, can confirm this. And to avoid being absorbed by others like him, he decided to tell his misadventure in the British tabloids.

Living in Glasgow, the scam cost him nearly €900. Catherine actually wanted to buy her 16-year-old son Patrick a new smartphone. When she spotted a Samsung S22 Ultra on Facebook’s marketplace Marketplace for £750 (nearly €900), she thought she had gotten a good deal. Because this Samsung sells for around 1,200 euros in stores…

“I was a little nervous about transacting through the marketplace, but everything was so expensive that I wanted to save money,” he told the Daily Record. But the opposite happened. When she realizes that the smartphone she bought… is fake, all her savings of the year are gone.

The problem is, she doesn’t realize it right away. However, Catherine had some apprehensions during the exchange, asking the seller to provide her identity in the video. What did he do without giving up? But when she tried to contact him again some time later to inform him that she had noticed that it was a fake smartphone, he again did not respond. “It ruined our holiday season. I’m heartbroken and can’t stop crying when I think about what happened.”

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The Daily Record did their little investigation and managed to get in touch with the seller, who confirmed he lives in Southampton in the south of England and has not been in Glasgow for over three years.

Police registered a case.

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