Capitol attack: House committee recommends criminal charges against Donald Trump

Jan. 6, 2021, the Capitol attack panel unanimously recommended criminal charges against former President Donald Trump, including incitement to insurrection.

The commission of inquiry also recommended the prosecution of the former president for obstruction of official process (certification of presidential election results), conspiracy against the US government and false declarations.

“The commission has gathered significant evidence that President Trump plans to disrupt the peaceful transition of power provided for in our Constitution,” House Speaker Jamie Raskin said shortly before the vote.

“We believe the evidence gathered during our investigation justifies the recommendation of criminal charges against Donald Trump,” he added.

These charges are punishable by imprisonment and disqualification from public office.

The commission does not have the authority to initiate these criminal proceedings and can only make a referral to the US Department of Justice, which has the power to indict a former US president if necessary.

On January 6, 2021, supporters of former President Trump, falsely claiming that Joe Biden “stole” the 2020 presidential election from him, violently stormed Congressional headquarters in Washington to stop the certification of the results. American democracy.

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