Can ChatGPT help you get your next dream job?


May 14, 2023 | 7:55 a.m

Remember when “You have mail” felt like cutting edge technology?

Now, a little thing called ChatGPT is poised to change the way we work.

If you are not familiar, you can use a brief primer: ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence via a downloadable application from OpenAI.

It’s free, or $20 a month for premium, and it uses machine learning to understand natural language processing.

This makes it possible for a robot to compose human-like prose.

Lest you think it’s temporary insanity, Cliff Jurkowitz, vice president of global strategy at phenomenonThe Philadelphia-based global human resources technology company confirmed that in 2023, we will see companies looking forward to the ability of generative AI to perform tasks better and faster, and with increasing levels of accuracy.

“Its adoption will be unlike anything we’ve seen before and it’s really starting to prove that,” he said. “ChatGPT is a true example of generative AI, and it gained 1 million users in just five days in December 2022.”

In comparison, it took over 3 years for Netflix to reach 1 million subscribers.

When Jurkiewicz first logged into ChatGPT, it asked him to write him a song, a job description, and a script, but, “he really needed prompting and feeding examples to learn my technique,” he recalls.

That’s why Jurkiewicz recommends that people who use ChatGPT share 10 examples of writing with the program and ask them to “analyze my accent” so it can be more personal.

Job seekers can use ChatGPT to help prepare for interviews, improve resumes, match cover letters to job descriptions, and improve LinkedIn profiles.
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On human resources, said Mitch Chailand, president HR channel in New Orleans.

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In the meantime, job seekers can use the tool to help prepare for interviews, improve resumes, match cover letters to job descriptions, and improve job profiles. linkedin profiles, among other things.

Ahead, what to expect from ChatGPT in the field of job applications, HR professionals.

Refine your job application

Yes, experts say it’s kosher: Jurkiewicz equals using ChatGPT when job hunting with its automatic spelling and grammar correction tool.

Generative AI can also help candidates identify important skills, competencies, and even important keywords that job candidates often miss.

“These tools, if used responsibly, can act as a powerful agent, helping a candidate represent themselves in ways they may not have thought possible,” Jurkiewicz said.

Chailland also thinks using ChatGPT in your job application is a good thing, but he cautions that you’ll still want to make sure your writing is neat, logical, and highlights your personality.

“To get the best out of ChatGPT,” he said, “have them review your work, or help optimize a specific keyword rather than asking them to draft your cover letter or respond to an application question.”

Consider it your assistant in your job search

ChatGPT can help overcome writer’s block, search for alternative job titles, uncover similar jobs in a new industry, generate a list of target companies, and ask potential interview questions. But, how you go about getting that dream job remains unchanged.

“You still need to do your homework moving forward,” said Maurice Isaacson in Montebello, New York, executive vice president of sales at HR Platform. Empion.

But, “for eager job seekers, ChatGPT can be a valuable information tool that makes the process easier. They can ask ChatGPT to research the role and identify key talking points for the interview, or ask for keyword analysis. They can even ask ChatGPT to rate their resume and suggest improvements “.

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Whatever ChatGPT offers you, proceed with caution.

“Remember that the information generated by artificial intelligence is obtained from a data set that is far from perfect or even complete. Don’t assume that it is 100% accurate,” Isaacson said.

Use it to craft business emails

Bots to the rescue, again.

“ChatGPT can be used to take the routine and repetitive elements out of the wording of typical email messages or text and cover letters,” Isaacson said. “However, it is always important to display ChatGPT output as a ‘first pass’ that one will need to review before sending.”

Not all email communications can, or should, be handled by ChatGPT.

“Many business emails are finite in nature and require information that is not discoverable via the ChatGPT dataset,” he said. “And with some subjects, sensitivity and human touch is essential.”

He also advised Chailand to proceed with caution.

He said, “If you enter any confidential information of an employer, the AI ​​can learn from that and that can create legal problems.”

Don’t use ChatGPT for this thing

Firing employees via artificial intelligence is unacceptable.

So if you have the daunting task of giving someone on your team the axe, stick to your low-tech, albeit human devices.

“Not only would this be best practice (for many reasons including liability and wrong responses), but this scenario represents a general misunderstanding of what the AI ​​intends to do,” Isaacson said. “An employee who is being let go is someone who deserves respect for being contacted by another person, not a text message or an AI bot.”

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