Camila Cabello’s album “C,XOXO” receives surprisingly positive reviews

I got it.
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When Camila Cabello started imitating Charli XCX, it was clear: the pop music audience wasn’t ready to accept it. It was an easy claim to make, because people weren’t really into her. Cinderella movie, and her relationship with Shawn Mendes ended, which left everyone with a lot less meme material. But this week, something changed: her new album, C, kisses and hugsIt seems very good? It’s time to give Camila some credit, guys.

We know, we know. We love to see a girl win, but after the major pop girl’s spring came and went, pop fans didn’t really expect her to end up at the top, or at least on the higher end of critical acclaim. But the reviews don’t lie. pitchfork He gave the album a 6.9which is much less than the last Charlie 8.6 l Naughty But it’s louder than modern pop releases from the likes of Taylor Swift, Billie Eilishor Dua LipaHarry Tafoya’s review was more than willing to give Cabello the credit he deserves, writing that the album “skillfully weaves together loose threads that reflect the artist’s taste and sensibility.” The Vulture review by Craig Jenkins notes that “at its best, Kisses and kissing “She oscillates between self-certainty and fickleness, loving and hurting her way to maturity.” Not too bad!

Reports from the street are now being shared by haters that they found the album to be rather good. Tobias Hess, who profiled Cabello for Paper magazine, It was reported on Twitter “A super Gen Z internet writer sends me secret text messages about them sitting on C, kisses and kisses“And it’s almost certain that the group he’s writing about is Charlie’s fans, so it took a lot. But that’s the general atmosphere everywhere. Many wonder how they ended up here, unable to say that Camila Cabello didn’t serve, so we say to her this: Honey, it’s okay for you to like the album.

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