Biden says Security Council reform unlikely

By calling for an expansion of the Security Council’s membership, US President Joe Biden has given new impetus to an old idea, but it’s hard to bet on reform at this point.

During the UN General Assembly’s high-level week that ended on Monday, several southern leaders, including five of the 15 members (the United States), again condemned the injustice of the Security Council. USA, UK, France, China, Russia) hold veto right.

But this time, calls for reform have also come from Westerners angered by Russia, which has won a veto in recent years and blocked any potential council decision on its aggression in Ukraine.

UN During his speech at the arena, Joe Biden called for this veto power to be “certainly used.”Rare and unusual circumstances“.

He supported the demand for permanent seats in Africa and Latin America, and recalled America’s support for Japan and India.

The time has come for this institution to become more inclusive to better meet the needs of today’s world“, he emphasized.

these words”Emphasize intensity“A senior US official commented on the matter, though noted that the process would not be immediate.

There is no question of fulfilling a commandment or justification. There is always a desire to hear and exchange our viewsHe added, declining to comment on veto rights for new permanent members.

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