Between the dizziness and the will to fight

Street, before the election. For the first time since V’s arrival, a united French demonstrated on Saturday, June 15, to try to quell an electoral field preparing to assert a radical right to power.e Republic. It was a meeting with history that thousands of demonstrators across France wanted to go to. Marseille, Strasbourg, Bayonne, Toulon, Nancy, Reims, Rennes, Clermont-Ferrand, Nantes, Valenciennes… 182 meetings across the country were booked by the CGT, which called for demonstrations against four other unions, several unions and the far right. Left parties. According to the police, 250,000 people participated across the country.

Although most of the gatherings were peaceful, some clashes resulted in 20 arrests in France, including 9 in Paris, and 16 in police custody nationally, including 5 in Paris.

A demonstration in Nantes on June 15, 2024.

A lot of people, young people, families with children, retired, underprivileged or animated, depend on a nagging twin feeling. Dizziness after July 7, the date of the second phase of early assembly polls, and an unquenchable desire to fight till the end. Don’t have the last energy of desperation? I don’t believe the left can win these elections, but can prevent the RN from getting a majority. This could be the start of something.” Laurent Tolias forward. Is it really a dominant feeling? “Build a castle!” “,” It’s not finished! “, Many are shouting. Anyway, at the age of 54, this history-geography professor from Aix-en-Provence arrived in Marseille. “Be able to express yourself and not feel alone.”

“Please live up to it”

27-year-old Auxelle Beaumont ran with a homemade sign in a festive and dense procession that left the old port of Marseille in the early afternoon and drew thousands of people. Youth annoys the National Front “. “Hated for fear of transfer to power” RN’s, “Who Can Allow Climate Refugees to Die on Our Doorstep”The young woman welcomed the constitution of the new Popular Front “Happily. All the values ​​of the social left come together today, and we know that if political egos are put aside, it can work. But we’re wary because the Newbies failed.

At left, Virginie Bigert and Laurent Dolias, editors.  At right, Axelle Beaumont, 27, nursery worker. At left, Virginie Bigert and Laurent Dolias, editors.  At right, Axelle Beaumont, 27, nursery worker.

Everyone still wants to believe in the beginning, because of the many explosions decided by Emmanuel Macron. “Meloni, Trump, Bardella. Get me out of here! “, Announces the card presented by 26-year-old Melanie in Strasbourg, where environmentalist mayor Jean Parsejian launched a demonstration. : “Even in the face of threats to human rights, we will not give up! » “I march to be counted, Melanie continues. Tell them to “please live up to it” to show that we are here for the new Popular Front. »

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