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WiJet shuts down its UK operations, switches models

BEAM Staff
July 2, 2018

WiJet, the France-based full-stack business jet airline, has confirmed it will shut down its UK operations and surrender it's Air Operator's Certificate. This includes pivoting to a new model, which will entail giving its fleet, Europe's largest in the very light jet niche, to third party operators.

"Owning an Airline Certificate, especially in view of the Brexit, is not a competitive advantage." commented Jean Francois Hochenauer, member of WiJet's board. "Further, the competitive landscape is moving fast with new business models being introduced over the last 18 months. We had to adjust."

Earlier this year, the company had placed an order for 18 H420 HondaJets, the largest in the manufacturer's history for the model, with a view of replacing its Citation Mustang fleet, which it currently operates.

According to company executives, WiJet will now focus on growing its European business as an aircraft owner, outsourcing the ground and air operations to third parties.

Founded in 2010 by a group of French entrepreneurs out of HEC, the startup aimed to offer jets at a fixed hourly cost. Over its 8-year run, the company raised over $23 million. It currently operates 16 Citation Mustangs capable of carrying 4 passengers each and view to replace these with HondaJets.