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VIP configuration of the Russian civil helicopter "Ansat"

Dal Kikin
January 22, 2019

Helicopters due to their maneuverability and high cost of operation - a prestigious mode of transport. True, flying on them is not far, and the problem of weight is very important, so you will not see much sophistication in the lightest helicopters. But on machines with a mass of 1000 kg, it is already possible to provide comfort. This year, a new VIP version of the Russian Ansat helicopter has appeared.

The Ansat twin-engined helicopter is designed using a single-rotor scheme with a tail rotor and is designed to compete with the latest Western designs. The helicopter is capable of carrying 1300 kg of payload in the cabin and has the ability to quickly transform the cabin. In 2013, the Ansat helicopter with a hydromechanical control system was certified for cargo transportation, in December 2014 - for passenger traffic. In May 2015, the certification was modified with a medical module.

Due to the presence of serious competitive advantages in its class, the Ansat helicopter arouses the interest of helicopter operators not only from Russia, but also from foreign countries. Its various modifications, as well as the ability to quickly change equipment, allow the helicopter to successfully accomplish the tasks of both civil and law enforcement agencies.

One of the advantages of the Ansat helicopter compared to foreign analogues is the largest cabin in terms of helicopters of this class, which can accommodate up to 7 passenger seats. This allows you to make the cabin in the passenger VIP version as comfortable as possible. When arranging the cabin for 5 seats, the cargo cabin allows you to place a wardrobe and a full luggage compartment with a built-in mini-bar. The passenger cabin is equipped with ventilation and air conditioning systems with individual points of airflow and lighting. The salon is equipped with energy absorbing seats with armrests that absorb vibration. In addition, for the convenience of passengers, aviation headsets with active noise cancellation are installed.

Designed for top managers and high-level civil servants, the helicopter received a five-seat passenger cabin with natural leather trim and volume veneer of fine wood, resembling high-class limousines. It was designed and partially manufactured by Avia-Interier, which specializes in the creation of helicopter interiors. The main innovations of 2018 are climate control, which is a rarity on Russian helicopters, “flooded” lights with a smooth adjustment and electric bollards between the seats of the two main passengers.