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SF50 Vision Jet: the smallest delivered business jet

Dal Kikin
April 2, 2019

SF50 Vision Jet is the smallest business jet which was the most delivered of 2018, according to the numbers recently released by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Cirrus delivered 63 examples of its SF50 Vision Jet last year. With the 22 deliveries in the fourth quarter, the Vision Jet edged out last year’s most-delivered business jet, the super-midsize Bombardier Challenger 350.

The Vision Jet is the realization of a vision of a new category of aircraft — the personal jet. It’s a jet that’s designed to be flown by the owner. Not needed a full-time professional pilot or a full flight department.

The Vision Jet’s Williams International engine has been tweaked so that it delivers enhanced thrust above 24,000 feet. This increases the aircraft’s top speed from 345 mph to 358 mph at 28,000 feet and to 351 mph at the 31,000-feet flight ceiling. That’s a big deal because flying at that height reduces fuel burn and extends the Vision Jet’s range from 1,380 miles to 1,467 miles. According to Cirrus, another way to look at the improved fuel efficiency is that it means the aircraft can carry an additional 150 pounds of payload (that is, another size passenger) on a nonstop 900-mile flight.

Modular cabin design with reclining seats and extended legroom – accommodating up to five adults and two children for maximum comfort and flexibility.

The autothrottle, an unusual feature for an aircraft as small as the 31-foot-long Vision Jet, integrates with the autopilot and can automatically adjust the aircraft’s speed for each phase of flight—climb, cruising, descent. It’s just one of the new features designed to reduce the pilot’s workload. The cockpit is also equipped with Flight Stream, which, by providing connectivity between the pilot’s personal mobile device and the flight deck.

The aircraft is the only Federal Aviation Administration–certified single-engine business jet, and at 31 feet long, it is more than 10 feet shorter than the next smallest business jet. The examples that were delivered in 2018 had a starting price of about $2 million. Then Cirrus announced that it is replacing the current version with an upgraded second-generation model. The G2 Vision Jet starting price is $2.38 million.

@Photos by Cirrus Aircraft