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PrivateFly offers a flight to celebrate the New Year twice!

Dal Kikin
December 19, 2018

PrivateFly offers to meet the year 2019 twice. After the first meeting of the New Year in Sydney, those who wish will go to Los Angeles, where they will be able to celebrate the holiday again.

With the world rotating at 1,038 miles per hour, the time in LA is 19 hours behind Sydney. So if you can keep the travel time between the two lower than that, you can (effectively) arrive several hours before you left! Flying on an ultra long range jet, such as a Gulfstream G550, with a bespoke itinerary, it’s possible to celebrate New Year in both places.

Such a double holiday will cost passengers $ 255.5 thousand for the rental of the entire aircraft. The price includes one way flight, wine, champagne and snacks on board.

With the Wellness package, the private flight attendant will prepare the cabin’s lighting and temperature controls for the optimum restful flight experience, with deluxe bedding in the cabin’s master bedroom area and on the further flat single beds. There are designer pyjamas and slippers for each passenger; luxury skin care and masks; detox juices; and a VIP vitamin-packed catering menu.

Alternatively the Festive Flight package is for those looking to continue the celebrations at 45,000 feet, taking advantage of the aircraft’s high-spec music and entertainment systems; decorations in the cabin; and decadent inflight catering options featuring caviar, cuvée champagne, and made-to-order dishes such as fresh lobster, or lamb tartare.

But travelers should organize their further adventure in Los Angeles on their own.

The company PrivateFly offered such a service last year, but it remained unclaimed. At the moment, to meet a double New Year wishing, too, did not show up. But the company says that customers usually book private jets at the last minute, so the proposal may still respond.