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New operator BBJ787 received AOC of Aruba

Dal Kikin
April 18, 2019

Sonic Air, a new subsidiary of HongKong Jet (owned by Deer Jet), received an Aruban Operator Certificate (AOC). The operator was formed in March 2019 and is preparing for its first flight. Sonic Air will start charter flights to Boeing BBJ 787-8, which has a VVIP cabin for 40 passengers. 

Model 787-8 is designed so that its passengers throughout the flight, which can last more than 16 hours and cover the distance for the flight over 16000 km, travel with all possible comfort and arrive at their destination as rested as possible.

The 40-seater cabin is made in neutral brown and grey tones. In the bow of the ship are the owner's apartments with a luxurious berth and shower, in the central - a spacious seating area with a multimedia system, and in the tail is a guest room with passenger seats of various classes and degrees of comfort.

“We chose Aruba not only because of its high standards, but also because of the roster, which is well aware of charter operations and business aviation,” said Jiao Jian, general manager of HongKong Jet. "It is a great honor for me to receive this AOC, which marks a new stage in our charter business."

The cost of the Boeing 787-8 in the standard version at the present time, for example, is about $ 225 million.

“Sonic Air received AOC and worked very hard for this,” said Edwin Kelly, CEO of DCA Aruba. "We are also proud to grow in this region."

Jiao added that in the end, he hopes to add other long-range Gulfstream and Bombardier aircraft to the growing HongKong Jet fleet.