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New Generation: First Boeing 777X rolls off the assembly line

Dal Kikin
September 10, 2018

The new generation of Boeing 777 is here. The first one has left the factory in Everett and heads to nearly a year of testing to verify design strength. 

The aircraft prototype is non-flyable and will never take off, however it will receive the equivalent of flying hours due to statistic tests on the ground. In the same time, while the first specimen undergoes ground testing, the second aircraft is preparing to roll out of the assembly for flying tests, which are scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Photo: iStock/RyanFletcher

It is also known that one of the main features of the aircraft are folding wings (which will contribute to an increase in aerodynamic properties). Despite the fact that 777X is still at the development stage, airlines have already placed 326 orders for the aircraft according to Boeing.

Trading near its all time high, Boeing has seen its share price more than double in under two years, driven by a strong market that has recognised Boeing's strength as an aircraft maintenance subscription business. Now sitting with a market cap of over $197 billion, Boeing acquired 80% of Embraer earlier this year.

Lead photo Boeing / Twitter