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Gulfstream G600 certification slips on back of US government shutdown

Dal Kikin
February 11, 2019

Since December 22 of last year, the United States government and both legislative chambers suffered from a partial closure of activities, which led to the cessation of bureaucratic activity on more than a historic day.

Aviation was hit hard, several operators were forced to postpone their plans due to the lack of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) personnel, such as Southwest Airlines, which had to postpone the launch of your direct flight to Hawaii due to the lack of certification of the route.

According to the test schedule, certification of ETOPS for the new A330neo, and recently for the Gulfstream G600, should begin in early 2019, but the lack of personnel and inspectors who will start testing this aircraft may delay the calendar.

American manufacturer of business jets Gulfstream Aerospace (owned by General Dynamics) has postponed certification and entry to the market for new business jets G600 due to the shutdown of the US government for 35 days. The aircraft certification was scheduled for the beginning of 2019. Now it has been postponed indefinitely due to the closure of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for this period, said General Dynamics president Phoebe Novakovic on a teleconference following the fourth quarter. Nevertheless, she is confident that approval will be received before the end of June 2019.

The business jet has already accumulated 2900 hours and passed several certification tests for flight performance; engine and traction converter operation; ice protection and environmental control system; performance; flight control; ventilation and cooling; fuel system; among the others.

The G600 can fly nonstop from London to Los Angeles, from São Paulo to Aspen or from Hong Kong to Vienna at Mach 0.90. Its route is 6,500 Nm / 12,038 km with a Mach cruising speed of 0.85. The maximum operating speed of the aircraft is 0.925 Mach.