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Bell boosted helicopter sales

Dal Kikin
January 31, 2019

The American manufacturer Bell in 2018 delivered 192 commercial helicopters. This is 45% more than in 2017, when 132 aircraft were delivered to customers. At the same time, the company's order book at the end of the year was $ 5.8 billion, which is 26% more than the figure for the end of 2017, follows from the quarterly reports of Textron Corporation.

The producer showed a positive trend in deliveries during the entire 2018. Thus, in the first half of the year, Bell delivered 103 helicopters, which more than doubled the company's result in January-June 2017. In the second half, the growth in supply was not so significant. Nevertheless, 89 aircrafts were delivered to customers, 5 units more than 2017 year.

New Bell's 407GXI helicopter

The Textron report does not specify data on the number of machines delivered by individual models. However, according to the General Aviation Aircraft Manufacturers Association (GAMA) based in the USA, Bell-505 and Bell-407GXP helicopters were the most popular among Bell customers.

Textron expects that the growth in consumer demand for the US aircraft manufacturer will continue this year. "In 2019, we will continue to increase Bell-505 production and increase production rates on other models, based on increased demand," said corporation president Scott Donnelly. Good results are also expected for the supply of civil Bell-407/429/412 helicopters.

Despite such a positive trend in the commercial sector, Bell noted a decline in revenues from sales of military helicopters. The company's revenue for the whole year amounted to $ 3.18 billion , which is 4% less than in 2017. At the same time, the net profit of the manufacturer grew by 2.4% to $ 425 million