At the UN, there was massive support for a resolution calling for a return to peace and the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops

Moscow can once again count on only a few supporters. However, surprisingly, despite its military alliance with Russia, Iran cautiously boycotted the vote.

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I amThe United Nations General Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution calling for a “just, comprehensive and lasting” peace in Ukraine and calling on Moscow to withdraw all troops from Ukrainian territory. Kyiv and its allies collected 141 votes, seven abstentions and 32 abstentions. An October 2022 resolution condemning Russia’s annexation of several Ukrainian territories was almost overwhelmingly voted for and ratified by 143 countries.

Moscow can once again count on only a few supporters: Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Mali, Nicaragua, Syria. Some countries, such as Venezuela, Turkmenistan and Burkina Faso, cautiously boycotted the referendum. Some powers traditionally neutral in the West-Russia conflict, such as South Africa and India, again abstained. Surprisingly, Iran did the same despite having a military alliance with Russia.

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