Are the predictions confirmed?

With a first high of 35°C expected in the southern Mediterranean this Tuesday, is the risk of a heat wave confirmed at the end of the month? Like summer (finally) in France? Discover our latest analysis.

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Because of the presence of a cold front (a small depression with cold air at high altitude) near Portugal, Warm air is heading towards France by the middle of this week. It is mainly the Mediterranean basin, west and north-west away from this summer atmosphere.

then, As the weekend approaches, this famous depression will move back towards France and spread across the country. Due to this, the temperature will drop everywhere and no area will be spared from the rain. Until then, these are the opposite Storm waves will move from west to central areas. These storms should also be monitored due to the risk of violent events.

First warm weather of the season

If we’re not talking about this week’s heat wave that marks the official start of summer (the solstice is this Thursday), Thermometers will still rise in the southeast and up the Rhône Valley. So, this Tuesday afternoon promises to be very hot from Prés to Provence and Corsica. 30°C is higher, Inland it can be 35 or even 36 degrees Celsius West towards Vaucluse, Bouches-du-Rhône and the beauty of the island.

By the middle of this week, values ​​will be up to 8°C above seasonal norms in the southeast.
By the middle of this week, values ​​will be up to 8°C above seasonal norms in the southeast.

The threshold for extreme heat (= temperature under shelter of 35°C or above) will be reached for the first time this year in France. (Except for Sirocco in Corsica on June 8). Rebelote on Wednesday with new highs of 35°C locally in Corsica-du-Sud. These values ​​will be maintained at Beauty Island on Thursdays and Fridays.

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Meanwhile, values ​​will decrease in other areas due to the progress of cold fall. If it disrupts air levels with nearly widespread rain and storms, it will also have the effect of lowering the mercury, temporarily returning below seasonal norms…

The last days of the month should be observed closely

Now the chances of that seem to be increasing Anti-Storm will be back in force next week. According to some scenarios, it may rise towards Germany and then direct a flow from south to southeast over the country. In these conditions, The heat is set and the temperature increases day by day. This is the scene we want at the moment.

France won't be too hot this weekend, except near the Mediterranean...
France won’t be too hot this weekend, except near the Mediterranean…

Seasonal or below-normal temperatures (except the Southeast) after a weekend Temperatures will peak at 26-27 degrees Celsius in Aquitaine from next Monday. This time, it will continue in the southern Mediterranean. This moderate heat will reach the Lower Valley on Tuesday While the highest temperature (30°C) is reached inland in the south.

Temperatures are increasing day by day in north and south. On Thursday, June 27, the central regions will see a maximum of 30°C, while the next day, the southern regions may increase to 35°C. Despite the remote timeframe, the reliability regarding the establishment of summer conditions is good. This will determine the intensity of the heat So the possibility of a heat wave…

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