Apple Watch Dials 911, saving an American woman’s life after she collapses in a hotel room

The Apple Watch’s fall detection feature has started to call emergency services on its behalf.

The Apple Watch has proven to be a life saver on many occasions. There have been many incidents of how it can save lives by detecting abnormalities in users’ health using sensors that measure heart rate, ECG, and more. In one such recent incident, the Apple Watch saved a woman’s life after she collapsed in a hotel room from a ruptured aorta.

Recently, a Reddit user shared an amazing story about how the device saved her mother’s life. The user added that her mother was on a business trip in Fort Lauderdale, Florida while temporarily staying in a hotel when she experienced chest pain. She texted a friend who was at the same hotel to come to her room, and then “collapsed on the face of the earth head first” shortly after.

When the woman’s friend came to her room, she found her collapsed on the floor and called 911. Surprisingly, the ambulance was already on its way before she made the call. Apple Watch has fall detection turned on to call emergency services on its behalf.

“Turns out my mom had a ruptured aorta and it was so bad that it took an insane combination of circumstances to get her through it, including an incredibly quick transfer to the hospital,” the Reddit post reads.

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The Apple Watch helped save my mom’s life
by u/xanderpy in apple

A few days after the surgery, she explained that the Apple Watch called for help, as it hadn’t detected any movement from her. The woman’s daughter expressed her gratitude and said the incident has now made her an “Apple user for life”.

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“I see stories like this sometimes and I think they are exaggerated for the sake of propaganda or maybe just to make it up. I obviously don’t think that anymore. Apple technology has such a strong hold on me and my whole family already but this…this was something else. It made me This is an Apple user for life and it showed me that technology like this can really save lives.”

Users have all been praising the health features of the watch which have been instrumental in saving many lives.

One user wrote: “Your mom is so lucky. I’ve checked the stats and about 85% of people who have a ruptured aorta don’t get it. I’m glad your mom survived. The Apple Watch is definitely an invaluable piece of technology. I was born with spina bifida and walked with a cane. I tend to fall often. The Apple Watch has helped me several times by offering to call my wife or 911. Fortunately, I didn’t need to follow up on calls. It’s a comfort knowing it’s on my wrist when I need it.

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