Apple plans to redesign the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch to be significantly thinner

Last month, Apple unveiled its thinnest product ever with… New iPad Pro M4. The 13-inch M4 iPro Pro measures 5.1mm, which is thinner than an iPod nano.

As it turns out, Apple is planning to give the rest of its product lineup a similar treatment, making the iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBook Pro all noticeably thinner.

In the latest edition for him employment the news, Bloomberg Mark Gorman reports that New iPad Pro It is “the beginning of a new category of Apple devices” with the goal being to be “the thinnest and lightest products in their category.”

Gorman confirms reports from the informationSaying that the iPhone 17 lineup will include a new model with a completely new design that is much thinner than current iPhone designs. He also indicates that Apple is working on new versions of the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro that are thinner than the current generation design:

I’m told Apple is now focused on developing a significantly thinner phone in time for the iPhone 17 line in 2025. It’s also working on making the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch thinner. The plan is for the latest iPad Pro to be the beginning of a new category of Apple devices that should be the thinnest and lightest products in their categories across the entire technology industry.

It is worth noting that the MacBook Pro has become thicker and heavier with its latest redesign in 2021. This redesign corresponded with the MacBook Pro’s transition to Apple Silicon, in addition to the return of ports such as MagSafe, HDMI, and the SD card slot.

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Gurman previously reported on the so-called “Apple Watch

There’s no word on when the thin versions of the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch will hit the market. But the point here is that the M4 iPad Pro appears to be the start of the next generation of Apple’s design language.

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