An energy supplier demands €3,000 from him, “I’m not even a customer with them!”

Every morning, 53-year-old Richard dreads the arrival of the postman in Bradford, England. Since March, they have received letters from UK energy supplier Scottish Power saying they owe them £2,539 (around €3,000). However, Richard has been a customer of EDF Energy for six years.

After receiving the first letter, the man telephoned Scottish Power to get an explanation. The company explained to him that the mail was sent by mistake. But the situation is increasingly worrying for Richard and his wife: “We were threatened by debt collectors. Seven days were given for payment. I don’t know why I owe them that money, I’m not even a customer! “, he tells The Sun.

Richard had to send photographs of his meter to Scottish Power to prove he was not its customer. Two agents from the supplier went to his home: “I had the impression that they believed there was a Scottish meter hidden somewhere on our property”.

Eventually, Scottish Power finds a meter in an old abandoned shed near Richard’s house, which appears to be the source of the problem. But the company is yet to confirm that the couple has settled their debt! “They still haven’t officially acknowledged that the meter is not ours and I’m worried that we don’t owe them anything. I’m checking my emails every day and it takes a lot of my time.

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Contacted by The Sun, Scottish Power confirmed that Robert and his wife would not have to pay the £2,500. The company also apologized to the couple.

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