Amanda Bynes’ tenure ended after nearly 9 years

A judge formally ended the mandate of former actress Amanda Bynes in Ventura County, California, on Tuesday. The ruling ends the nearly 9-year regency and gives Baynes complete control of her medical, financial and personal decisions.

Bynes, best known for her work in the children’s comedies “All That” and “The Amanda Show,” was released from guardianship after being shown to have a sound mental capacity to give “informed consent to any form of medical treatment.”

“The court has determined that preservation is no longer required and the grounds for establishing a person’s guardianship no longer exist,” Supreme Court Justice Robert Lund wrote in an interim ruling Monday, upheld Tuesday. “The Court intends to grant the petition for termination and order the termination of custody for the person of Amanda Bynes.”

Amanda Bynes is seen on August 25, 2015, in Los Angeles, California.

Power-Griffin/GC Images

judge first granted Bynes’ mother, Lynn, has custody of her daughter in 2013. Her parents requested guardianship after Bynes was involuntary committed to a psychiatric hospital to set a fire in her parents’ corridor.

Bynes’ parents testified in court that the former actress had been experiencing very strange behavior, including expressing paranoia over being watched and followed.

The actress also experienced many quarrels with the police. In 2012, she was arrested and charged in Los Angeles with driving with a suspended license, suspended after being charged with driving under the influence and a hit-and-run misdemeanor.

In February 2022, Bynes asked the court to end the guardianship. Her parents and her team approved Bynes’ decision to end guardianship, Associated Press mentioned.

“We are all excited and we all eagerly look forward to Amanda living life as a private and natural citizen. Ms. Baines’ parents have been very supportive throughout the entire regency, helping her work towards a positive transition into the real world, which has been the goal since the beginning of the legal arrangement,” as Baines’ attorney, David A. Entertainment tonight. “Mrs. Benz has done so well in a very short period of time as it has been [living at the structured community for women.] She is now able to live on her own independently and free of guardianship. Besides a normal life as a person and student, I know she is looking forward to what her next step will be.”

Bynes, who has starred in films like Hairspray, She’s The Man and What A Girl Wants, hasn’t acted since her role in Easy A.

The announcement comes about four months after pop star Britney Spears debuted. guardianship It ended and brought renewed media attention to conservative practice. In November, the 39-year-old took control of her health, real estate and finances for the first time in more than 13 years.

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