All box office records were broken

The second-biggest domestic anime opening ever With $154.2 million, the second largest company for Pixar: Behind Disney/Pixar Incredibles 2 ($182.6 million) and Universal’s Before Lighting Super Mario Bros film3 days worth $146.3 million. Pixar is now responsible for 3 of the top 4 domestic animation openings of all time.

Biggest worldwide opening for an animated film at $295 million: This is when using current exchange rates and in similar markets; higher than Super Mario Bros movie.

Highest international animated opening ever in $140.8 million This appears in the same pattern as foreign issuance and at current rates.

Biggest opening until 2024: Six months in, Inside out 2 The best Sand Dunes: Part Two$82.5 million.

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Disney’s biggest animated opening post Covid: Despite the Disney+ fever for Pixar racist ($154.4 million domestic, $496.4 million US) last summer and Encanto ($96 million, $256 million USD), The latter was released during Covid, and the Mouse House has been made a laughing stock by a group of minions. But now their emotions had the last laugh.

The first film to open to $100 million+ domestic since Barbie: Why is this important though Inside out 2 Did not beat Barbie$162 million debut? Because after the market took two hits, leaving a shortage of stable tentpole stock, the fact that a movie could go out and do five-quartet business screams that the theater is still in business.

The fourth highest PG domestic opening of all time Which also gives Disney the top four spots in industry history the king lion ($191.7 million), Incredibles 2 ($182.6 million), beauty and the beast ($174.7 million) and Inside out 2.

Second-biggest domestic Monday for Pixar, and third-biggest Monday for an animated film at $22.2 million: Inside out 2 Rows behind Incredibles 2$23.6 million. Of all the animated films shown on First Monday at BO, IO2 He is behind Incredibles 2 (June 18, 2018) and 2004 Partner 2$23.4 million (May 31).

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The second biggest opening day for an animated film at the domestic box office At a price of 63.5 million dollars,behind that Incredibles 2 ($71.2 million).

12 million admissions in the United States: This is according to BO stat EntTelligence. The last time the industry saw an opening weekend that attracted more than 10 million moviegoers for a title, it was Barbie At 13 million in late July 2023.

With 3.8 million admissions in the US, the most attended weekend at AMC Entertainment Arena of 2024 is the No. 1 theater to date: However, this number also includes ticket stubs from Sony Bad Boys: Ride or Die. AMC posted its busiest day of the year on Friday, June 14 in the United States, a record that was promptly broken the next day on Saturday, which now ranks as AMC’s busiest day of 2024. More than 1 million people went to the movies at AMC Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each day set a record for the year.

“Inside Out 2”

Disney/Pixar; Everett Group

Biggest opening day for an animated film at Cinemark Arena #3 in the USThat is, June 14.

The industry’s highest-grossing opening weekend ever in Colombia ($5.1 million) and Turkey.

Top 5 opening weekend industries ever in Mexico ($30.2 million), Argentina ($5.5 million), Central America ($6.3 million), Chile ($4.6 million), Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Israel, and the Philippines ($6.7 million). )

Top 5 anime opening weekend of all time in Greece, Kazakhstan, Ukraine (excluding previews), Romania, Serbia, and Korea ($14.9 million).

Highest moving weekend ever in Paraguay.

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