A warm El Niño is expected to last until at least April

A warm El Niño is expected to last until at least next April. The situation will contribute to further increases in land and sea temperatures, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said in Geneva on Wednesday.

The warm current reaches moderate strength in September and becomes stronger from November to January. The threat is estimated at 90% for it to last through the winter.

El Nino occurs every two years and lasts for nine to twelve months. Its delayed effects are expected next year. But, due to the record temperature since June this yearBecomes the hottest ever seen“, repeats WMO Secretary-General Petteri Talas.

Due to the warm current, next year is expected to be even more problematic.

The head of the WMO again attributes this situation to climate change linked to human activities. The system expects temperatures to rise further into April.

El Niño exacerbates drought in areas such as Australia and parts of Asia and the Americas. Instead, it causes significant rainfall and flooding in parts of the American, African, and Asian continents, and in many areas such as South America. This warms ocean temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific.

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