A video of Finland’s Prime Minister partying has sparked controversy on social media

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin can be seen dancing with other Finnish celebrities. Among them, we find, in particular, the singer Alma, the influencer Janita Auto, the host Dinny Wikstrom, the YouTuber Ilona Yilikorpi or the stylist Vesa Silver and the assistant Ilmari Nurminen.

The videos have sparked controversy in Finland, where the prime minister’s dancing has been criticized. For many, this does not apply to the Prime Minister.

What’s more, many rumors suggest that those at this private party used cocaine. Rumors were sparked when the word “Jouhozengi” referring to cocaine was heard in the video.

This Thursday, during a press conference, Channa Marin summed up the latter. He said he was surprised to see a whole controversy following the leak of the video. “I don’t know who did it, but it shocks me that someone deliberately leaked these images.”

He defended himself by pointing out that the pictures were taken in a private setting. He also said that he agreed to undergo a drug test to prove that he had been drinking. “I’ve never taken drugs and I’ve never seen anyone else at this party taking them. I don’t have to say if I think the police should investigate. But I have nothing to hide, I’m not doing anything illegal,” she said.

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