A passenger was kicked out after a nasty act, ‘people started fighting, it was crazy’

A flight from Manchester Airport to Tenerife on Sunday evening was diverted to the Portuguese island of Porto Santo due to a disruption. An intoxicated person and a small number of passengers were ejected after the flight was forced to land elsewhere.

The reason? An anonymous witness explained it to the Liverpool Echo: “One passenger was completely drunk. Before the pilot decided to divert the plane, the cabin crew asked him several times to sit down. Have to say the flight was delayed at Manchester airport so there was plenty of time to drink…”

But on arrival at the plane, the passengers were not given the usual welcome. “Normally when you catch a delayed flight, the first thing you hear is the captain and cabin crew welcoming you on board and apologizing for the delay. But immediately the captain said, ‘If anyone drinks or smokes in the lavatory, they will be removed from the plane, if necessary, the plane will be hijacked.’ So they found this man.


It was during the flight that the mistake happened. “This guy was wild. He was so drunk, he kept getting up from his seat and asked to sit down several times. He wanted to go to the bathroom, but he was told no, so he got up and there was an empty seat next to him, and he covered himself and peed on the seat. spent

Then there was a dispute in the plane. “People tried to reason with the man and talk to him, but he was gone. It was like he was in another world. He had no choice but to hijack the plane and call the police.

“There were fights even at the front and back of the plane. It was just crazy. The plane landed in Puerto Santo, where authorities removed unruly passengers from the plane before continuing to Tenerife.

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