A Moroccan man rescues a policewoman who was violently attacked in Italy

In Italy, Ferrara city officials congratulated a young Moroccan for his “heroic” intervention. He saved a police officer who was physically assaulted during a routine check.

The events took place in Ferrara last Tuesday. A man assaulted a police officer after warning him not to wash in a park fountain. Enraged, he threw her on the ground and continued to beat her. Immediately, Abdullah, a Moroccan living in Italy, intervened to help the police officer. With his intervention, the police reached the spot in time and averted the incident.

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Following the incident, the security adviser of the Ferrara city council welcomed Abdullah and congratulated him on his “heroic” intervention. He praised the Moroccan, who arrived in town four months ago: “He is an example of great bravery and peace of mind. Had he not been there, the situation would have been different. I sincerely thank this young man who, at the age of 23, has become an example of responsible citizenship and good integration. His gesture is an asset to him and the doors of the municipality are open to him whenever he wants. »

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