A generous table neighbor who paid the bill for two families at the restaurant explains his gesture

It was a nice surprise when Caroline, Sophie and their family left the restaurant where they had dinner on Wednesday 15th February. A generous neighbor had decided to pay the two families 200 euros. This obviously made its members happy. He did not identify himself and simply left a message to “Live your dreams.”


Our colleagues from the Union have located this mystery person. This is Nicolas Salchardt, Commercial Manager at Chateauroux. “I heard them talk about the trips they wanted to take for the holidays, but in their discussion, there was always a ‘but,'” she explains. “They will always be deterred from doing these trips. However, by asking the employee to include the phrase “live their dreams,” I wanted them to think and start. If we want something, we can do it. By butts, we shall not advance. With “and”, yes! »

Needless to say, Nicholas was depressed that evening following an argument with a staff member. Feeling particularly emotional at this precise moment, he overhears the two families discussing and decides to send them a message by paying the bill. “I stress, we shouldn’t set limits for ourselves. I have a 16-year-old daughter, she has a health problem, and she wanted to go to New York. I found two cheap tickets, and we went. It was a wonderful family time. Mind you, I’m not a gold-digging boss, but I’ve struggled for a few years and my business is working. There, that evening, I said to myself that I want to give these two families a moment of happiness. It won’t cost anything. And a little message…”

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