A dignified and emotional crowd bid a final farewell to 12-year-old Lola, who was found dead in a coffin in Paris.

A white coffin decorated with white flowers was carried into the church around 1:45 pm, followed by an emotional crowd of the girl’s parents, her brothers, her relatives and anonymous people, followed by a few notes of music.

“My Lola, my dear little sister, I hope you can hear me from above. Unfortunately, you’re gone too soon. I can’t tell you how much I love you,” Thibaut, one of her brothers, said through tears. “I was enough for you in your life. I believe so. We miss you. »

“Your departure today destroys and destroys us. Our grief is great. Undoubtedly, my little princess said, “We will try to honor your memory as she gave birth to one of her cousins ​​earlier.

The family had decided to open the funeral to the public, while reiterating its desire for “respect and dignity” in Lola’s “quietness” on Sunday evening, away from any political agitation.

Burial is to take place in “strict privacy” at the cemetery in Lillers, the town of 10,000 where his mother was born.

Among the relatives were neighbors on Rue Man in Paris, where the girl lived, and friends from a camp in Pas-de-Calais where the family vacationed.

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Other elected officials, including Home Secretary Gerald Darman, Children’s Secretary Charlotte Cowbell and RN MP Caroline Parmentier, were also present at the town’s 500-seat Saint-Omer collegiate church.

Outside, dozens of people gathered to hear the mass celebrated by Arras Bishop Mgr Olivier LeBourgne, thanks to the sound system. “Lola, 12, not only left too soon, but in an unbearable situation,” he said.

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The tragic circumstances of the child’s abuse, suffocation and death after her body was found on October 14 in the courtyard of her building have sparked great emotion in the country.

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From the gates of his home to the mailboxes of the municipalities where his relatives live, thousands of people have poured their condolences. “Thank you everyone for your support,” Lola’s mother said in a Facebook post that has been shared more than 20,000 times.

In front of the family’s Parisian home, a few gathered on Monday as well. Dozens of people marched in Fouquereuil (Pas-de-Calais), Dad’s hometown, on Friday evening.

Tahbia b., an Algerian under obligation to leave French territory. The suspect’s presence in France has drawn sharp criticism from the right and far-right, with the government slamming the “indecency” of this “political recovery”. .

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The family on Thursday called for various ceremonies to be “away from political and media agitation” and again the next day asking them to “urgently stop using their child’s name and image for political purposes”.

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