A college professor discovered that half of his students’ work was done with ChatGPT

“It’s not about copying and pasting.”, the author explained. “But the replicas were built the same way. We find the same grammatical constructions. Reasoning was carried out in the same order, with the same qualities and with the same faults.

The job in question was to write a text “defining the main aspects of the clinical approach to disability in Europe”. The students had a week’s time. But some of them have taken the easy way out by having an advanced chatbot that uses artificial intelligence, ChatGPD, do it for them. This software is based on existing texts to write completely original new ones.

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If the conclusion is structured enough to make the student return the paper to their teacher, the latter quickly discovers that something is wrong. “All of these copies contained a personal example relating to a grandmother or grandfather”, He finally understood.

After interrogation by the teacher, one of the accused students admitted that at least half of the copies were made using this artificial intelligence software. If Anti-theft software It’s hard to find work that actually gets done with ChatGPT, so teachers don’t get fooled and there are other tools to look out for.

But the author may have succeeded, he explained to the newspaper, as he was still forced to look after copies made by ChatGPT. The rules of the establishment do not actually officially prohibit the use of this software. All students scored 11.75/20.

I tested ChatGPT!

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