A champion in the environment, he jumps on a super shuttle

According to several British media reports, Leonardo DiCaprio has been accused of being an “environmental hypocrite”.

The star “Titanic” is the United Nations’ most famous ambassador for climate change, and has openly stated that global warming is “the most urgent threat facing our entire species.” He has often urged his fans to take action to tackle climate change. Proof of that is his recent “Don’t Look Up” movie on Netflix.

Packed at 300,000 euros

Camilla Moron, a 47-year-old actress, was on vacation with her 24-year-old girlfriend on New Year’s Day near Saint-Barth Island in the Caribbean, the “playground of world millionaires”. Where the bat hurts, he enjoys the luxury of aboard the super boat Vava II, owned by Swiss billionaire Ernesto Fertrelli.

At about 190 million euros and nearly 100 meters long, the Wawa II has six bases and a helipad. It also has a gym, swimming pool, “beach club” and a cinema. It needs almost 300,000 euros to fill its fuel tanks. After all, it produces more carbon by traveling an average of ten nautical miles a year. Greatly dissatisfied on social networks, some internet users did not hesitate to confront him with his contradictions.

Behavior is considered unhealthy

An environmental activist came to protect the star. Sarah Clayton, who is campaigning against the expansion of airports in the UK, said: “I know celebrities are leading this crazy life, but ‘dont look up’ has done a lot to raise awareness about climate change”.

Other internet users have also underlined the actor’s many commitments in support of the environment by constantly putting his hand in his wallet. One of the witnesses added Glass He was one of the many guests on the boat and said he did not own or rent the ship.

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However, this is not the first time Leonardo DiCaprio has been singled out for his behavior, which is considered environmentally unfriendly. In December 2021, he did Miami-New York tour On a day flight. Also in 2016, he toured Cannes-New York on a private jet only to receive a prize… for his green commitment.

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