A 10-year-old Vietnamese boy has died after falling into a 35-meter-deep pit, rescue teams are trying to recover the child’s body.

“The boy died after futile rescue efforts,” Ton Tan Phu, deputy head of the government of Dong Thap province in southern Vietnam, told reporters late Wednesday. He said that they are now trying to recover his body as soon as possible.

A team of doctors, forensic experts and local authorities concluded that the boy had died of multiple causes. Location of the accident, depth of drainage, time required to recover the body and any injuries sustained.

Efforts continued on Wednesday morning. There was no sign of life in the camera that had been lowered into the tube earlier.

The boy slipped and fell into the drain at the bridge construction site on Saturday. The pipe diameter is only 25 cm. According to local media, the boy was the first to call for help after falling. Emergency services repeatedly administered oxygen from deep.

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