5 killed in drone attack on Ukraine border

A drone struck a house in the small village of Gorodishche in Russia’s Kursk region, a few meters from the border with Ukraine.


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May 26, 2023 outside a Russian village on the border with Ukraine, calling to join the Russian military forces.  (OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP)

Alexey Smirnov, governor of Russia’s Kursk region on the border with Ukraine, made the announcement on Telegram. Five people, including two children, were killed in a Ukrainian drone strike in a Russian village on Saturday, June 29. From Gorodishche, on the border between the two countries. “Two other family members are in critical condition”He further mentioned that the attack was carried out by a type of drone “Copter”A small device capable of launching grenades or other explosives at targets.

Since the conflict began in February 2022, both warring sides have made extensive use of drones, including large explosive devices with a range of hundreds of kilometers.

Ukraine has stepped up its attacks on the Russian border this year, targeting both energy bases it says supplies the Russian military and towns and villages across the border.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a major new ground offensive in the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine. “Prevention” and pushing back Ukrainian forces so they can protect the Belgorod region on the Russian border against shelling. The Kursk region, where Saturday’s attack took place, is further north, opposite the Ukrainian region of Sumy, controlled by Kiev.

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